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The “S” Bump| Chandler Maternity Photographer
Ok, so I’m SOOO giddy about this shoot, seriously like a little girl in the candy store giddy, like I don’t know how to even control my emotions…I LOVE IT!
I’ve been wanting to shoot someone at this location for about 6 months now but never had the right subject/reason to shoot here. I was just going to do my kiddos here if all else failed, although I’ll definitely be going back now and doing them too, LOVED this spot!
Well, when I got the call from one of my very dear friends who’s doing her little boys room in “beach/surfer”, I knew this would be the perfect spot, yet so romantic too! There’s just something about a old burned down house and over grown weeds that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I know, I know, to most, this probably sounds insane but this is by far my FAVORITE location!!!!! Anyways, onto my beautiful subjects….I couldn’t be more happy for them, they are such amazing friends and I cant wait to share in the excitement when little “R” is born! And no worries, I’ll be doing his newborn shots so you to will get to see this little surfer dude soon AND his adorable bedroom! Mom is VERY crafty in this department and I always LOVE her ideas! Although we were rushed on time, only had about 35 min to shoot until the sun went down, I think together we did a FABULOUS job!
Thanks M and D for one of my FAVORITE shoots to date! Love you guys!

jillsl - Precious Molly! These are beautiful!!!!

Shore - Amazing Job Vicki! I love everyone, the shadow one is one of the coolest pics I've seen! So exciting!!!!

Hana Lazara - Hi Vicky,

Ur really gifted...
simply creative and amazing..
Love all ur pictures especially maternity....

Kudos to u...

Sarah's Fab Day - Adorable! :)

Meredith - I thought I commented on theses awhile ago, sorry!
I LOVE these! So creative and beautiful!

Vivienne - So beautiful!!!! xoxo

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