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I’m getting LOTS of emails as to “what should we wear? “.

I personally like bright fun colors for kids cause thats FUN, like them.  We all tend to be a bit pale this time of year so I think color compliments that perfectly…again just my opinion.

Here are some recommendations……

Don’t be scared to layer, it looks AMAZING in pictures.

  • Add vest
  • Add a belt
  • Add sweater
  • Add scarf
  • Add leggings
  • Add leg warmers
  • Add fun hair bows/ headbands/ vintage wraps
  • boots, ballet flats, or  converse always look GREAT and are functional.
  • For boys- beanies, hats, a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve shirt looks adorable.

Try not to be to “matchy matchy” but within the same color family OR colors that compliment eachother.

  • blue, navy, yellow & grey look great together
  • plum, pink, grey, navy
  • orange, teal, maroon, brown

Tip’s for Mom’s: Cause when Mom’s Happy, everyone’s Happy! 🙂

  • MOST slimming jeans are the dark wash/ one color from waist to feet
  • If your not a fan of a certain body part, cover it up….this is what I recommend…let’s say I love a top but it’s sleeveless but I’m not liking my arms in it in’s what I do to get the best look…buy the tank or top that I feel in love with,  add a little sweater over it, either leave open or pair with a high waisted belt and now I got the top I loved, covered up the area I disliked but got an amazing layered look.  I do this ALL the time!  If  leg’s are your problem area that day – wear jeans(dark wash/one color), black jeans/ leggings.  Darker will always make  you appear thinner and wear a brighter color on top (where the viewers eye will naturally go).    Enhance what you LOVE and cover up/wear darker colors on the parts your not so crazy about, we all have them.   Cause changes are, if your not comfortable with it in the mirror, you won’t be comfortable with it in your pictures.  I just want you to feel AMAZING in your photos cause this is an investment and I know we all put a lot of time into planning “WHAT TO WEAR”.
  • Finally, if your not loving your look, or feeling like  you need to POP a little more, sometimes a simple item can take you a long way, buy a pair of FUN color popping earrings (teal, Plum, Orange, Mustard are all great fall colors) or a colorful scarf to give you that boost

A great tip is shop NOW, all summer stuff is on sale, so pick up a cute dress that is somewhat fall and then add a sweater, jean jacket, scarf to it.  So that way you get it on sale, and then you can wear it come spring/summer.  For boys, buy a long sleeve thermal and put a short sleeve t-shirt over top of it (see below), again, can use both for winter and spring/summer.  I’ve had GREAT luck with this in my own family.

Where do I start to dress my family?

For a family with three little ones (like myself), one being a girl, I always suggest to buy her outfit first (more of a fun print pattern) and then coordinate from there.  This helps give you a starting point where some of us get very overwhelmed.  Or if you have two girls like me, just pick one of the girls and start there.  Then you can always pull colors from that outfit as to what the others can wear.  I quickly pulled a few things to show…see below.

Ok, so let me know if you need any other help!!!

I pulled all these items off of, Old and  As you can see, you can use alot of summer stuff and just ADD a sweet sweater and leggings for girls OR buy a thermal/long sleeve for the boys and throw one of there t-shirts over it…add a beanie and you’ve got a fresh new look.

Meredith - Great post Vic! I need to do one of these too!

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